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Dental Horizons of Westchester | Restorative Dentistry in Port Chester

Dental Horizons of Westchester
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Restorative Dentistry

Teeth that have been affected by tooth decay need fillings. The decay (cavity) has to be removed and a filling material is used to repair the hole that is created by the decay. Fillings may be the traditional  silver amalgam fillings or the more current white composite fillings. In most cases the white fillings are a preferred choice .

Crowns (caps) add a strong top to the tooth thus protecting the tooth. A crown protects the tooth from further damage and can return strength, structure and function to a tooth.
A crown may be indicated for teeth that are cracked, fractured, extensively
decayed, severely worn or root canal treated.


Port Chester Dentist | Restorative Dentistry. Puja Taneja is a Port Chester Dentist.